Department of Educational Theory

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The mission of the Department of Theory of Education is the competence-based and personal- teacher training based on cooperation for which the department's teaching and research staff have significant activities for development of it: national and international consortium in collaboration in electronic curriculum development and teacher training, and the continuous development of profile of teacher education is in progress.

The Department has training responsibilities - including theory of education and pedagogical-psychological studies - and research activities (portfolio analysis, psycho-biographical, as well as textbook analysis) are also the Departments’ fields of research. The potential of the Department of Education is complemented by ERASMUS education (our pedagogy program is unique in Europe) in foreign languages.


We act in significant tendering activity (in the form of the Social Renewal Operational Programs and the gaining doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships). In addition to pursuing substantial publication activity - the department's teaching and research staff of owns about four hundred papers. We realize a continuous conference participation and organization of major conferences.

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