Department of Romology and Sociology of Education

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The Department of Romology and Education Sociology exists and works since 1998 in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Pécs in the Institute of Education as a scientific background for teaching and represent the knowledge about the society, language and culture of Roma population in the higher education. The Romology bachelor's and master's programmes aims to integrate the results of different human sciences and researches connected or related to the gypsies to the university education. Our aim is training specialists who familiar and insightful about political, legal, linguistic, cultural, educational, demographic, labor market situation of the Roma communities.

We wish to send out into primary and secondary schools teachers, who are good skilled in problems of disadvantaged and Roma childrens background, culture, and the resultant school problems, and speak and competent to teach the Beas or  the Romani language and Roma culture.

In 2012 was created the Resource Center of Romology to initiate and framework for the discourses of scientifical knowledge about gipsies in different areas of sciences. 

Our series (Gypsy Studies, periodical titled Romológia) are publishing to transfer these scientific knowledge and aimingto be the base and tool of this contact.


Our Vocational College called Wlislocki Henrik colligatesprofessional and community work of not only our own studentsinterested in roma community, but romaor gypsy students from almost all of Faculties of the University of Pécs. 

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