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Institute of Education

In the university studies the Institute has a dual function. On the one hand it provides seminars and lectures for students specialised in Education; on the other hand courses for students of all departments participating in graduate and postgraduate teacher training.

The Institute concentrates on the educational sciences as multidisciplinary field of study. In the teacher training and other specialised courses, the Institute works in close co-operation with the other faculties and institutes of the University.

The departments of the Institute are the followings:

  • Department of History of Education and Culture
  • Department of Educational Theory
  • Department of Romology and Sociology of Education

Other functional sections are the followings:

  • Editorial Board of the periodical "Iskolakultúra"
  • Bookseries "Cigány Tanulmányok - Gypsy Studies"
  • Library - thematic collection of Education and Romology (in hungarian and other languages)
  • The activities of the staff' member are the followings:
  • Teacher education for primary and secondary schools;
  • Degree courses in education as a field of study

Teacher training courses

  • Postgraduate courses in Romology
  • Technical services for other faculties, training schools and pedagogical institutions all over the country;
  • Research in the educational sciences
  • Research and courses on history, culture and sociology of Gypsy/Roma Communities
  • R+D projects in co-operation with different partners in Hungary and in the EU
  • The Institute has co-operation with universities of Spain , the U. K. ( England ), Germany , The Netherlands, France , Sweden and Finland.

Courses (tutorials) offered in foreign languages:

  • History of Education (in Spanish)
  • Didactics (in German)
  • Sociology of Education (in English)
  • Education of Roma Communities (in English)
  • Gypsies in Hungarian Society (in English)
  • Hájc szã szãtijény bajisestyé (in Boyashi) 

Head of the Institution:

Katalin, Ambrus Attiláné Kéri, Dr. Prof.

Phone: +36-72-501-500/24366



ERASMUS+ co-ordinator:

Anna Renáta, Dezső

phone: +36-72-501-500/24362



Postal address:

7624 Pécs, Ifjúság u. 6., Hungary



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