Welcome note

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Dear Colleagues,


The Scientific Program Committee of the 19th National Conference of Education Science and its organizers warmly welcome everyone interested.We are cordially inviting you on behalf of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and its ScientificCommittee on Pedagogy to attend and participate in our 19th annual conference, which has become a respected tradition in the field.

The title of this conference is Education Science: Horizons and Dialogues.
The theme of the 19th National Conference of Education Science is in line with current international research trends and values embraced by the organizing institution, the University of Pécs.
The most important aim of this conference is to expose recent research findings and explore deeper layers in the diverse field of education science while initiating dialogues for the benefit and development of our education system. For this purpose, we are encouraging an interdisciplinary approach that embraces multiple perspectives along with the distinct scientific viewpoints displayed by each researcher and research group.
By juxtaposing these perspectives, we can strengthen the professional relationships between the participants and research sites in order to create dialogues between experts in the field of public education and scholars of education science and to find solutions to challenges in the 21st century.
The presentation forms at this conference will be a plenary lecture, symposium, section presentation, and poster presentation according to our tradition and international practice.
As the theme of this conference suggests, we welcome not only scholars from research groups and academic institutions but also professionals practicing in the field of education. All participants should adhere to the required scientific criteria in their presentations.



Aranka Híves-Varga PhD habil, Chair of the conference


Fanni Trendl,Secretary of the conference



You shall not pass!